Breaking News!! Norman the Scooter Dog Names Road Trip Home His Charity of Choice

Read all about Norman on our Upcoming Events page and watch him break the Guinness Record.

What We Do...

Every year over 250,000 shelter animals are euthanized in the State of Georgia. This is sadly one of the highest euthanasia rates in the United States.

Road Trip Home Animal Rescue is a 100% volunteer organization providing life saving services for homeless pets condemned to die in Georgia. We work tirelessly to save as many homeless pets as possible and to re-locate them to No Kill shelters in states where there is a demand for shelter animals.

A dog whose life is in eminent danger is identified and received from animal control or a shelter in an area of the State that cannot afford to be a No Kill Shelter. The homeless pet is selected because of its personality and adoptability. It is given a full medical exam and vetted for a minimum of 2 weeks to determine any additional underlying conditions. If necessary, the animal receives the appropriate medical care to insure that it is healthy. A full range of vaccinations is administered.

Once the animal has completed this regimen, it is placed on a retro-fitted air conditioned van and driven overnight to a No Kill Shelter in MN, PA, NY, MA, ME or Canada. These areas have been identified as having a high demand for shelter animals because they have been successful in enacting and enforcing laws that protect homeless pets. These areas also require pets to be spayed or neutered before leaving the shelter.

Upon arrival at the new No Kill shelter, the dog or cat is ready for immediate
adoption at no charge to the receiving shelter.

Our Goal...

Is to rescue dogs from the counties most adversely affected and to transport them to safety. Ultimately, we plan to transport twice monthly.

Through your generous donation these animals will be cared for medically and then transported to a part of the country that has a high demand for shelter animals. Please donate now!

Look at our Upcoming Events page for our next fundraising event and plan to attend...

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